Sin Poetry

Poetry On Skin

15 mlCashmere | Balsamic Nose: Dominique Preyssas

Top Notes:

Cashmere , Cardamom , Cypress

Heart Notes:

Bergamote, Mandarin , Cardamom

Base Notes:

Violet , Vetiver , Musk

Drift into a realm where allure meets artistry, ensnared by an aroma that breathes opulence. This refillable treasure paints a tapestry of cashmere whispers, cardamom dreams, and cypress tales. Morning's kiss carries the vibrant allure of bergamot and mandarin, a luminous prelude to the passionate embrace of cardamom's warmth. As shadows lengthen, the tender touch of violet, mysterious vetiver, and sultry musk serenade the senses. "Sin Poetry" is not just fragrance; it's an ethereal sonnet of longing.
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30.0 £Cruelty Free | Vegan friendly
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