Quinta Essentia

Timeless Symphony

15 mlOrientalNose: Chris Maurice

Top Notes:

Cardamom , Rose, Pepper

Heart Notes:

Rose, Jasmine, Cypriol, Patchouli

Base Notes:

Vetiver , Tonka Bean , Vanilla , Oud

In Quinta Essentia's embrace, luxury finds its echo. Begins with cardamom's caress, mingling with rose's timeless serenade and pepper's sizzling sigh. Traverse the heart, where rose and jasmine spin tales of pure passion and cypriol and patchouli whisper ageless secrets. Vetiver and tonka sway in rhythm, and vanilla's gentle breath mingles with oud's depth. More than a fragrance, it's an eternal dance of allure. Each refillable moment is a testament to its endless allure.
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30.0 £Cruelty Free | Vegan friendly
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