Ignite Your Senses

15 mlRich | Smoky Nose: Chris Maurice

Top Notes:

Saffron, Incense , Smoked Notes

Heart Notes:

Rose, Patchouli

Base Notes:

Vanilla, Amber, Oud

In the whispered embrace of Pulse, every note tells a tale. Saffron, incense, and smoked hints paint dreams of faraway lands under crimson skies. Amidst this enchantment, rose and patchouli dance, a duet of passion and longing. As the story unfolds, vanilla's sweetness meets amber's embrace, with oud's depth singing songs of ancient nights. This luxury fragrance, encased in a refillable bullet, isn’t just a scent; it’s a heart’s echo, waiting to be revisited time and again.
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30.0 £Cruelty Free | Vegan friendly
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