Lasting Time 12h
Approx. 450 Sprays 50ml
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Sin Poetry 50ml


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Head Accords

Caraway, Black & Red pepper, Lemon zest, Thyme

Heart Accords Love

Cinnamon, Vetyver, Olibanum, Myrrh

Base Accords Memories

Melon, Amber, Musk, Labdanum, Cashmere

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A Sensual Caress

Distinctive sharp and sweet caraway dictates from the very beginning how your amusement park-like experience is going to unveil itself, gradually, along with colliding accords of black and red pepper, thyme, and bursting lemon.

Presumably, this is not for the faint of heart - a kaleidoscope of cinnamon, vetiver, myrrh, and olibanum dance together and uphold a tradition of causing slight dizziness of the senses, through the middle notes of this lovely handmade marvel. A great opportunity to rediscover the perks of a young spirit, that is always willing and ready to assimilate any type of shape-shifting beauty figure that comes it's way.
A melange of fresh and fruity melon, amber, and musk gaze through a field of labdanum flowers, carrying forward this ecstatic blend, into the arms of cosy cashmere wood  A formula of utopic contrast that ingeminate ones need for fun, joy, and happiness. The easiest way to grasp a piece of life, putting yourself in exciting situations.

New Fragrance

new fragrance

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