Lasting Time 12h
Approx. 149 Sprays 15ml
Cruelty FREE

Sin Poetry15ml



Head Notes Passion

Spicy, Woody – Caraway, , Black & Red pepper, Lemon zest, Thyme

Heart Notes Love

Attractive Spicy – Cinnamon, Vetyver, Olibanum, Myrrh

Base Notes Memories

Addictive – Melon, Amber, Musk, Labdanum, Cashmere wood

Fuzzy - All Season - Day & Night Fragrance


A solemn quote on life

A poem in olfactive lines where reality is not presented in a photographic image but in a rather concealed potion that unveils itself underneath the wooden lid and firm structure, a Capitolium dedicated to the finest ingredients in the world that continue to carry on its heritage to all committed descendants. A fragrant background for all types of actors driven to the role of playing their most beautiful scented script, all dressed up in elegant costumes resembling an Eden like atmosphere. A single spray of Sin Poetry can even change the world around you, blur the lines between reality and fiction, create a suitable dialect of emotion and excitement. Memorize each syllable, every echo that resonates deep inside you. It does sparkle light in the dark, like a midnight train passing through a frozen, time forgotten valley, in the mountains. An intermezzo where the audience recalls scenes of spicy caraway along with sweet and woody cinnamon, all converged within trails of amber and musk.