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Sang Noir 50ml



Head Accords

Liqueur, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Leather, Vetyver

Heart Accords

Cedar, Sandalwood, Violet, Agar-wood

Base Accords

Liqueur, Beeswax, Vanilla, Rhum, Musk

A Passionate Night

Conquer your fears and reimagine passion and love through the useful guidance of Sang Noir's every syllable of articulated desire and impulse.
A spicy silhouette of clove buds, nutmeg, and saffron sparkles in the dark, creating an almost spiritual aura that can only be perceived if you are ready to give in and worship the ambrosia locked inside the bottle. Quite heavy but sublime, a surreal take on lust and adoration, an infinite web of emotions.
The key to its offerings is not to resist, but rather comply with the radiating beauty of cedar, sandal, and agarwood, that sprinkles pieces of woody prasad on the altar of devotion. Catch a glimpse of vetiver and ambergris, along with the complicity of vanilla and rum, right when you thought the mystery revealed itself in front of your eyes. Hazy undertones of beeswax swirl around a fine touch of fenugreek, collapsing in the saving hands of musk. A Tale of Tales written in pungent lines.

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Sang Noir 50ml
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