Lasting Time 10h
Approx. 430 Sprays 50ml
Cruelty FREE

No Shame



Head Notes Passion

Flowery, Oriental - Muguet, Gardenia, Plum, Orange, Leather

Heart Notes Love

Sensual - Tuberose, Jasmin, Rose, Vanilla, Tonka, Creamy Coconut

Base Notes Memories

Ambery - Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vetiver, Black Violet

Floral - Day & Night - Unisex Fragrance


Mark your appearance with a BANG!

No Shame - fragrance was born from a western oriental clash of ideas and cultures. An idea which grasps the essence of all things natural starting from the very beginning with the ingredients.A simple yet sophisticated fragrance that feels like an open bedroom window on a spring morning.  Inviting the airy streams of floral madness to numb your senses with his gardenia, plum, oranges and leather notes from the top.
Definitely, there is no place for "subtle" nor interpretations while wearing this unique fragrance. Refreshing but intense, the muguet notes featured at the top, balances the sensual power of No Shame fragrance. Resulting in an all-season, extremely easy to wear perfume that will make all heads turn regardless of the environment.
One brilliant mixture of white flowers carefully blended with glamorous notes of sandalwood and oud which centres the entire fragrance formula. Boosting the intensity of the top notes and by all means, dramatically increasing the sillage. We did add one teardrop of roasted coconut in the heart of every bottle just to keep it warm. The core highlights notes designed to enhance its performance even more. This will quickly give you the feeling that No Shame Fragrance can become something similar to a companion which follows you everywhere. Feels raw and undoubtedly satisfying. Violently ahead of its time but amazingly natural.
The spicy notes of vetiver will stop you at the end of the day. Acting simply as a reminder to you, whispering about the presence of few more sensual notes which are still in play.
A perfect handmade luxury fragrance that goes beyond preconceptions and above shady impressions or wrong ideas. A manifesto about shameless sincerity written by our deepest desires.


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  1. 5 out of 5
    This fragrance collection is mind blowing! i’ve got ‘no shame’ last week and i cant get enough of it!!! 8 hrs after you can still feel the scent! For my husband i got ‘abuser’ and it matches him perfectly! We finally found our scent People at work, on the street and anywhere i got tell how much they love the smell! If u never tried it, I strongly recommend it!
  2. 5 out of 5
    A very high-quality product This beautiful, if costly, perfume arrived in good time and in perfect condition. I love the box itself, which is a high-quality package and attached was an exquisite little special offer card. The fragrance itself is out of this world and makes me feel very queenly. It lasts very well and changes tone subtly to blend beautifully with my own personal scent. I expect I shall use it judiciously as it is costly, however, I will certainly buy it again.
  3. 5 out of 5
    Absolutely amazing fragrance, I cannot recommend enough, you really need to try, I am completely converted and will always use.