Lasting Time 10h
Approx. 430 Sprays 50ml
Cruelty FREE

No Shame 50ml



Head Notes Passion

Flowery, Oriental - Muguet, Gardenia, Plum, Orange, Leather

Heart Notes Love

Sensual - Tuberose, Jasmin, Rose, Vanilla, Tonka, Creamy Coconut

Base Notes Memories

Ambery - Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vetiver, Black Violet

Floral - Day & Night - Unisex Fragrance


A Celestial Experience

This seductive fragrance hypnotizes with complex shades of white flowers, left outside, on the balcony of your dreams, in a bright orange jardiniere. An enchanting ballad is sung with a pathos that stirs up emotion, along voluptuous gardenia and jasmine notes orchestrated through sweet accords of vanilla and tonka beans.
The key to this perfume is utterly emphasized by way of using creamy exotic coconut in its lingering formula. If might also resemble The 1001 Nights atmosphere in its grandeur and glory. A mystic touch of rose and leather enhances the feeling of worship and adoration. Allow yourself a treat and step inside the magic of milky, rich sandalwood, immersed in a vast, amber realm.
The authentic context is reiterated with earthy vetiver, that consolidates its olfactive structure and a dash of cashmeran to indulge your craving for a comfortable place, that is yours exclusively, trapped in a moment in time. A rare treasure bound to delight and intrigue at the same time.


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  1. 5 out of 5
    This fragrance collection is mind blowing! i’ve got ‘no shame’ last week and i cant get enough of it!!! 8 hrs after you can still feel the scent! For my husband i got ‘abuser’ and it matches him perfectly! We finally found our scent People at work, on the street and anywhere i got tell how much they love the smell! If u never tried it, I strongly recommend it!
  2. 5 out of 5
    A very high-quality product This beautiful, if costly, perfume arrived in good time and in perfect condition. I love the box itself, which is a high-quality package and attached was an exquisite little special offer card. The fragrance itself is out of this world and makes me feel very queenly. It lasts very well and changes tone subtly to blend beautifully with my own personal scent. I expect I shall use it judiciously as it is costly, however, I will certainly buy it again.
  3. 5 out of 5
    Absolutely amazing fragrance, I cannot recommend enough, you really need to try, I am completely converted and will always use.