Lasting Time 10h
Approx. 149 Sprays 15ml
Cruelty FREE

No Shame 15ml



Head Notes Passion

Flowery, Oriental - Muguet, Gardenia, Plum, Orange, Leather

Heart Notes Love

Tuberose, Jasmin, Rose, Vanilla, Tonka, Creamy Coconut

Base Notes Memories

Sandalwood, White flowers, Cashmeran, Vetiver, Black Violet

Floral - Fresh Day & Night


An ode filled with delight and wonder

A festive recreation of purity and sensuality with a dense creamy attitude, alike childhood recollections of joyous, vivacious moments. A timestamp into fragrant evolution and also an oriental approach to creating handmade olfactive masterpieces, immune to time passing by. A transcript of deep emotions carved into the psychology of the person that wears it. An untamed frame of mind, where each piece of the puzzle is equally cherished in the semantic of thoughts. A perfect example of how the journey is better than the destination, of how a simple act of initiative can determine and reveal a universe of choices, unfailing to surprise and shape surroundings through whiffs of plum, orange, and leather. Witness a pungent yet subtle experience, accompanied by a soliloquy of lily of the valley, gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine. The fellowship of the white flowers with a crisp orange touch. Vanilla, tonka beans, and coconut recreate a sweet candy-like spectrum, wrapped into a state of warm snug comfort of cashmeran and black violet.


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  1. 5 out of 5
    A recommendation made from Lithuania. The fragrances are unique, refreshingly innovative and really long-lasting. They have a great selection and it s impossible not to find a perfume that suits your personality. I personally prefer No Shame.
  2. 5 out of 5
    Recommendation made from Greece. Perfume does something very special: It provides an instant confidence boost with one simple spritz. But finding your signature perfume can prove somewhat challenging with the abundance of musky, floral, citrus or even woodsy notes to choose from. And I found my signature choosing No Shame from Testament Collection - Fragrances, an absolutely complete fragrance!