No Shame Absolute

15 ml


Head Notes Passion

Flowery, Oriental - Muguet, Gardenia, Plum, Orange, Leather

Heart Notes Love

Sensual - Tuberose, Jasmin, Rose, Vanilla, Tonka, Creamy Coconut

Base Notes Memories

Ambery - Sandalwood, White flowers, Cashmeran, Vetiver, Black Violet
Open yourself like a veranda window on a hazy spring morning to airy streams of gardenia and crisp muguet. Let the soft hints of ripe plums and fuzzy oranges run freely through ruffled bedroom sheets with hints jasmine, rose and vanilla. Just when the world seemed to have stopped, the floral madness floods your senses with ambery bouquets of sandalwood and musk. You find yourself naked in front of the mirror strangled by a mischievous ivy of poisonous passion, like a silky nymph preparing another translucent appearance. Soft and sensual, No Shame carries twisted, lusty and erotic notes of unknown floral wonderlands that strangle your skin with an arcane perfume.