Cosmology perfume - Testament London
A galaxy of sensual stars

Cosmology is about the infinity of the Universe and the endless limits we can have when we desire anyone or anything. Cosmology represents abundance: an abundance of feelings, strength, wealth and richness, but above all, of joy. A fragrance that is very intense and powerful, capable of boosting one’s mood over the clouds. It’s a truly opulent experience of erotic flowers, drenched on ripe fruits, a symbol of fertility and life. The invigorating and sensual vibe in this fragrance creation stays with you forever, as it makes you dream of reaching the stars.

This fragrance is about the power of desire and abundance.

A composition in a mix of flowers dipped in ripe fruit, as a symbol of fertility and life. The base is composed of mossy, animalic, and sweet oriental notes.

Our house prides itself on a clash of modern and traditional craftsmanship and eastern and western perfumery ideas, as well as inspirations, that are taken from both dreams and reality.






  Top Accords

Anise, rose, raspberry,
chamomile, plum

  Heart Accords

Jasmine, lily of the valley,
tuberose, ylang-ylang,
heliotrope, clove

  Base Accords

Moss, animalic notes,
musk, tonka bean,
coconut, vanilla

  Top Accords

Anise, Rose, Raspberry,
Chamomile, Plum

  Heart Accords

Jasmine, Lily of the Valley,
Tuberose, Ylang-ylang,
Heliotrope, Clove

  Base Accords

Moss, Animalic Notes,
Musk, Tonka Bean,
Coconut, Vanilla