Six O'Clock Gift Set

A Journey in Every Drop

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Cruelty FreeVegan Friendly

A journey in every drop

Discover the magic encapsulated in the Testament Exclusive Gift Set. Journey through scents that evoke passion, mystery, and wonder with six 15ml refillable carry-on fragrances. Each bottle tells a story: the rhythmic allure of "Pulse", the daring spirit of "On The Edge", the pure essence of "Quinta Essentia", the ephemeral beauty of "Mirage", the serene notes of "Tea On A Cruise", and the timeless charm of "Pont Neuf". Crafted with love and designed to accompany you on every adventure, this gift set is an invitation to create unforgettable moments. Embrace the essence, cherish the memories, indulge into "Six O'clock" online exclusive fragrance gift set. Size 6 X 15.ml - refillable (90.ml)


A Symphony of Fragrances

Dive into a world where every scent tells a tale more enchanting than the last. Presenting our most exquisite offering yet, a curated collection, limited in its existence and boundless in its allure. Within this treasure trove, discover all our current olfactory masterpieces, each a 15ml refillable gem, waiting to become a part of your story. In every bottle, a world unfolds, in every scent, an emotion awakens. Cherish this collection, for it is as rare as the moments it promises to encapsulate. Let your senses embark on a journey unparalleled, for this is not just fragrance; this is art in its purest form. Size: 12 x 15.ml (180.ml)


Timeless and Unforgettable

Picture an experience where luxury meets pure, effortless beauty. A fragrance so captivating is more than a scent—it's a lifestyle. This is elegance defined, offering you an unparalleled sensory experience that enriches every moment. Elevate your collection with our most exquisite offerings in the Travel Collection.