Testament Collection

We pride ourselves with our curated selection of etchically sourced ingrediets wich we are using to craft all our fragrant collections. Since the start of our journey in 2018, we’ve unraveled the fabrics of our destiny by creating unforgettable scents for remarkable people like you and me. We dwell for wild spirits who are keen on exploring the world and themselves to find their next signature fragrance.

Magnificent souls like us deserve the purest inspiration for our stories. This is why we use only eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients, hand-picked from all over the world. Aiming to define a new paradigm for scented beauty, we pour our hearts into each and every one of our products, hoping it will touch your heart as well.

We are all beautiful souls in this world and this is exactly what the essence of Testament’s Collection fragrance house stems from a burning desire to express more about our origins and our evolution, employing nothing more than pure love.

About Our Royal Flush


What is life but a marvelous story bathing in momentary bliss, within the fragility of a single breath of air? We breathe in and open our eyes to the world. A new day is dawning, a new destiny carves its way in this world leaving a true legacy. Energy flows naturally, transforming and aiming to inspire before fading away.

Breathe in, breathe out. We are nothing but a memory, so we might as well be one that will never be forgotten.

Warmth activates perfume. It should therefore ideally be worn on the pulse points. However, perfume can be worn anywhere, for instance in the hair, on clothes or on the nape of the neck.

We each have our own unique body chemistry and when the perfume interacts with our skin a unique fragrance is created.

Both diet and hydration of the skin can also have an effect on the scent.

All Testament Lodon™ creations have 30% perfume concentration or above, meaning they are all classified as pure perfume extract. If applied correctly, pure perfume should last for at least 10 hours. If your skin is hydrated it can last longer, +12 hours. The perfume will also last longer when sprayed on clothing in particular on cotton.

Apply an unscented body lotion/moisturizer before spritzing. Spritz onto the suggested pulse points from your body.
Do not rub your wrists together, the heat generated causes the fragrance to evaporate more quickly.
Carry a or sized bottle with you to refresh your perfume throughout the day.

To achieve the character and optimal quality of each perfume, we use the highest percentage of perfume oil required. Wherever possible we use the absolute – the highest concentration possible of a perfume. Our perfumes range from 30% to 100% perfume concentration.

We do not test our products on animals.

We use only the highest quality of ingredients available, which are high in cost owing to their rarity and as a result of the extraction process required to create the fragrance oil.
We also use the highest perfume concentration in all of our perfumes.