Warmth activates perfume. It should therefore ideally be worn on the pulse points. However, perfume can be worn anywhere, for instance in the hair, on clothes or on the nape of the neck.

We each have our own unique body chemistry and when the perfume interacts with our skin a unique fragrance is created.

Both diet and hydration of the skin can also have an effect on the scent.

All Testament Lodon™ creations have 30% perfume concentration or above, meaning they are all classified as pure perfume extract. If applied correctly, pure perfume should last for at least 10 hours. If your skin is hydrated it can last longer, +12 hours. The perfume will also last longer when sprayed on clothing in particular on cotton.

Apply an unscented body lotion/moisturizer before spritzing.
Spritz onto the suggested pulse points from your body.
Do not rub your wrists together, the heat generated causes the fragrance to evaporate more quickly.
Carry a 5.ml or 15.ml sized bottle with you to refresh your perfume throughout the day.

To achieve the character and optimal quality of each perfume, we use the highest percentage of perfume oil required. Wherever possible we use the absolute – the highest concentration possible of a perfume. Our perfumes range from 30% to 100% perfume concentration.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced from the finest eco-sustainable materials from around the world and we choose only ingredients of the very highest quality and purity. They are all free of dyes, animal products, and toxins.

Store your perfumes in a cool, dark place away from humidity and direct sunlight with the cap on. Some of our perfumes are presented in a case, which is perfect for storing your fragrance. Some clients suggest keeping the perfumes in the refrigerator during Summer to keep them fresh.

Hypoallergenic alcohol is used as a carrier for the different ingredients in the perfume (most ingredients are oils and won’t mix with water). Without alcohol, these oils are also more likely to evaporate from the skin quickly.

The Extracts contain very small quantities of hypoallergenic alcohol which are used to ensure the fragrance ingredients can work well with each other. The alcohol is not used as a carrier for the perfume as is the case in Extrait de Parfum.

We do not test our products on animals.

Whilst natural ingredients are used wherever possible, some of nature’s most beautiful flowers cannot be tamed for extraction. One flower that has always eluded extraction is Lily of the Valley. The petals are too delicate for perfumers to be able to extract oil, therefore a clever synthetic ingredient was created to capture the exquisite scent. Synthetics have also been formulated to create aromas that cannot be obtained from nature. For example, Cashmeran, which has a soft, woody aroma, was developed to evoke the smooth, softness of cashmere wool.

The fragrance wheel is a method for perfume classification, organizing perfumes into families. Perfumes are classified into a particular family based on their ingredients and overall character. A perfume that falls into the floral family may be built around a single flower or combined bouquets that have femininity and bloom to them. The wheel can be useful in determining preferences, as many people are drawn to perfumes of a particular family.

Sweet Arabian LTD  works with a curated selection of master perfumers from Portugal, Spain, Swiss, Italy and Middle East to create our perfumes. As we aim to create perfect unisex fragrances, our partners, artisan perfumers are guided by the founders of the house uncompromising passion to craft the extraordinary.

We use only the highest quality of ingredients available, which are high in cost owing to their rarity and as a result of the extraction process required to create the fragrance oil.
We also use the highest perfume concentration in all of our perfumes.

Yes. By request and by appointment in London, and by quote all around the world. The signatures – Testament Collection’s handcrafted and frosted bottles can be personalized on request. Price on application.